Somewhere Else Before

Thanks everyone for contributing so far, your videos were shown at Water Tower Art Festival in Sofia in June 2011.

Hi — we could use your help in a project we are currently working on: with 'somewhere else before' we want to create virtual space — together with you and many more talented contributers!

We would like to ask you to make a little video that shows a door opening and revealing a room, then a short travel through that room and an exit through another door. the recording can be anything — literally. your grannies flat, the library, inside a fridge, or at your favourite bar....

The only fixed parameters are:

Every time a new video is submitted it will be added to the sequence. When growing in number, one by one the submissions will form a large, commonly created section of virtual space. A space without any fixed geographical location, but combined of many individual moments of spacial perception in many different peoples lives.

The result will be shown at the Water Tower Art Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. all names of the participants will be quoted alongside the work. We will update you with documentation material from the exhibition, and after it's finished we will show the video here.

Screenshots from submitted videos

Thank You:
Anton Waern, Gover Meit, Kah Bee Chow, Mariska Kok, Katarina Hruskova, Michael Schoner, Kianoosh Vahabi, Adam Ulbert, A1VZGT3XRFRRLI, A1Y2BKXUR7DW2I, A1Y6U52EU7DXC1, A2JZ07K4VW7BYK, A3DSXA2C9GMYMJ, A3LFT0SV8DTRZ2, A3LFT0SV8DTRZ2, A4YG74WC1EK5V, A4YG74WC1EK5V, A4YG74WC1EK5V, A11AK9T52XGITC, A19MU67IC319NO, A23BJWWA68SC6B, AC80VU7CZ0OF5, AORZXXGZFDQYS, AORZXXGZFDQYS, APMVV64M13721, AV6ZFU688IBK8, AYEJ0UC5KGAGR